December 23, 2013

Christmas 1913

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ImageAs I look through vintage magazines I’m struck by how warm and how decent the Christmas messages are.

I thought I’d share a few from the Girls Own Paper with you to complement the lovely 1913 party-season dresses pictured, and as a gentle reminder to keep in mind what’s truly important to you this Christmas.

On gift-giving:

“It is a fine thing to be able to give beautiful gifts, sensible gifts, useful gifts, expensive gifts, amusing gifts. But do not put yourself into needless and unhappy competition with someone who has more and can give more.  Christmas is for happiness.”

On gift-envy:

One of the good things to remember at Christmas time is that everything in life is comparative.  No matter how little we have, there is someone who has less; no matter how much we have, someone has more.”

On the real gifts:

“We do not count our blessings often enough, and for that reason Christmas, with its home gatherings and family re-unions, are good times for us and everyone.  We have many things to be thankful for, big things and little things.”